2024-07-05 27 weeks

🎞️ Life#

Four Years of Employment#

Snap, time flies.

As of July 1, 2024, I have been with the company for four years, half of which were during the pandemic. In these four years, I have only been promoted once and received a salary increase of a few thousand dollars.

Can I stay for five years and get the Silver Bear?

Shadow of the Golden Tree#

Started playing on Sunday and played all day. The progress this week has been much faster because I adjusted my character's health to 60 (embarrassing).

It's much easier to defeat bosses now if I can survive three hits.

This week, I defeated many bosses and explored many maps. Currently, I only have the final boss's map left to clear, and I still need 1 Linghui and 5 Shadow Tree Fragments.

Let me share some memorable points:

Veteran Gaius#

Specializes in horseback riding. The Wild Boar Knight is fast and fierce, always chasing after me. I have to drink a potion to keep up...

This guy is useless, can't even touch the boss. After switching to the Black Sword, it got much better. I feel like the Great Shield Soldier would be even better, as it can block the boss and allow me to deal more damage. However, it doesn't have much health, so the fight is still relatively quick.

Valley Bottom Forest#

Miyazaki Hideyoshi, are you crazy? What do you mean by "the spirit horse feels scared"?

Walking here is driving me crazy.

The monsters are somewhat similar to the frenzied monsters in Bloodline Academy, but here you can only attack them after parrying. The parry timing is quite forgiving.


Nothing much to say, looks cool but not strong.

The revenge of the horned people is quite interesting.

Wizard Village#

A peaceful hometown.

I speculate that Marika sealed her past memories in the shadow of the Golden Tree. However, it was mentioned before that she is an underground rare person. I'll check the analysis video of the Soul General Gate after I finish the game.

King of Seizures#

From the description, Seizure seems very powerful, melting everything. However, the king is not well-coordinated. Midra can't handle this power, so let the Fading One take over.

Lord Bael#

Full of special effects, but a bit weak. The interesting part is that Egon keeps encouraging himself in his words, driving out fear.

I intentionally used the Dragon Hunting Knife +9, and the effect was quite good.

Wheelchair Qi Being Nerfed#

I wanted to play with the Seizure Bottle and the Calia Stabbing Shield, but they were directly nerfed, too bad.

But the Blood Monster is still there. After finishing the DLC, I'll use it as a respec toy to torture the main boss.

Wuxi Trip#

One-day trip from Shanghai to Wuxi.

Departed from Shanghai Station at exactly 9:00 AM and arrived at Wuxi Station at 9:52 AM. Took Line 1 of the subway to Nanchan Temple, first had a cup of "Tea Color Delight" at the entrance, then strolled to the snack street (it's strange to have a temple and a snack street together).


Actually, I wanted to have some local breakfast, but unfortunately, there was none on the way from the subway to Nanchan Temple.


Had some simple snacks, finished strolling, and then arrived at Nanchan Temple, a very ordinary small temple.

Came out around noon, walked for about 10 minutes to Nanchang Street. This is a pedestrian street with a distinctive Jiangnan style, built along the ancient canal. There are some shops that cater to the interests of young people, such as tea drinks, cat cafes, handicrafts, and anime.



Strolled for about half an hour and found the recommended shop "Old Cow's Nest" on Dianping. There weren't many people in line, and the turnover was fast. We ordered their top 3 dishes: Spicy Eel Paste, Plum Juice Strips, and Pine Nut Beef Stir-Fried Rice Cakes. They were all sweet.


First, we had the Spicy Eel Paste and Pine Nut Beef Stir-Fried Rice Cakes. I have to say they were indeed sweet. The eel tasted good, but the beef was average, and the rice cakes were even more average. When we were almost full, the Plum Juice Strips finally arrived. After taking a bite, I felt a bit nauseous, and the girl even vomited... How should I put it, the sourness is a cheap kind of vinegar sourness, and the sweetness is a very greasy kind of sweetness. I think they tried to balance the sweetness with the sourness, but they didn't handle it well, so it ended up being both sour and sweet, especially nauseating.

Overall, unless you are a local, I highly recommend not eating here.

After coming out, we strolled along the river. Due to the rain and it being lunchtime, there weren't many people. There were many empty seats by the river for tea, but the girl doesn't like tea, so we just strolled. We walked to the end and took a taxi to Huikou Ancient Town. By the way, taxis in Wuxi are very cheap.

We spent an hour and a half in Huishan Ancient Town. It costs 70 yuan for admission and you can visit the garden called "Jichang Garden" where Emperor Qianlong once visited, as well as a temple, several ancestral halls, and a large park.

Jichang Garden has many picturesque spots, typical of the Suzhou-style garden.





We only walked a small circle in the park and didn't go up the mountain because we were tired.

Took a taxi back to Nanchang Street at 16:35, rested at a coffee shop, and checked the photos.

After that, we found a barbecue restaurant called "Silly Sister Jilin Barbecue" for dinner. It was crowded, but the food wasn't good. It felt like everything was fried...

We walked a few minutes away from Nanchang Street to avoid traffic congestion and took a taxi. We arrived at Wuxi Station in just 10 minutes and took the 20:00 train back to Shanghai.

Magic Circle To-Do List#

Preparing to make a video, editing the following shots, each lasting 1 second:

  • Boss skills with special effects or unique features, including elites
  • Spectacular views
  • Interesting NPCs
    Considering the time, I might consider the Golden Tree Shadow in the next playthrough.

💭 Clips#

📰 Weekly Digest#

"Idle Fish Resume" New Feature Online#

Recently, a new "Side Job" entry was added to the homepage of the Idle Fish app. After clicking on it, users can create their own graphic or video resumes. The built-in categories for resume editing include skill training, running errands, consulting and planning, and other side job categories that users can select when publishing their resumes.

I did see a lot of these on Idle Fish last time, such as picking up and dropping off people, helping with driving practice, and delivering goods.

What do you think of Buffett suddenly changing his will, "leaving $130 billion in assets to his children to manage, and no longer donating to the Gates Foundation after his death"?#

Buffett has always claimed that he will donate 99% of his wealth.

He even solemnly told his three children in public, "If you can get $1 from my inheritance, consider yourselves lucky."

In 2016, Buffett also called on Jack Ma to use most of his wealth for charity and give back to society.

And now? Hahaha.

It seems like I need to read ten more articles from "Yi Lin" to take a break.

As the saying goes, when the situation becomes desperate, people's true nature is revealed. Even the top billionaire Buffett cannot escape the inertia of human nature and cannot completely let go of his wealth.

When people get old, they become soft-hearted. If their children cry a little, they waver.

What will the various delegations wear at the opening of the 2024 Paris Olympics?#


The outfit from Lululemon looks really nice. The Chinese team is still as ugly as ever. Both are red and white, but the difference is too big.

Thunderstorms pose an electric shock risk when using express delivery lockers#

During the flood season, many parts of the country are experiencing continuous heavy rainfall. When going out in rainy weather, in addition to paying extra attention to travel and traffic safety, one should also be wary of an "invisible killer," which is electric shock. Some bus stop billboards adopt a lightbox design, and the box is usually made of metal with good conductivity. Once the billboard is damaged or exposed to moisture for a long time, it is prone to electric leakage.

Be careful with large metal objects.

Tesla included in the Jiangsu government procurement list, staff: it's domestically produced#

Recently, the Jiangsu Government Procurement Network disclosed the "Jiangsu Provincial Party and Government Organs, Institutions, and Group Organizations 2024-2025 New Energy Vehicle Framework Agreement Procurement Shortlist Announcement (3)." The Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive version has entered the Jiangsu Provincial Government's new energy vehicle procurement catalog, marking Tesla's first entry into the government procurement catalog.

The staff of the Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Center stated that whether to purchase or not depends on the intentions of the administrative affairs management bureau and the purchasing department of the user department at all levels. This is an open catalog that is open to all manufacturers. Any vehicle model that meets the parameters and price and has undergone certain procedures can be included in the catalog, but users can choose whether to select it or not.

At the same time, the Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Center also stated that the government does not purchase imported goods, and imported goods require special approval. "However, Tesla is not considered imported; it is considered domestically produced."

Tesla has been doing very well in China since Musk visited. It seems that it has met the requirements for localization.

📚 Articles#

France is in Chaos#

Summary of Key Points:#

1. Political Turmoil and Election Results in France
Background: Macron decided to dissolve the National Assembly and hold new elections, causing a pessimistic market reaction.
Election Results: The far-right party National Rally, led by Le Pen, received a high percentage of votes, far surpassing Macron's party La République En Marche.

2. Social and Racial Issues in France
Historical Background: France has been relatively tolerant of racism in its history, using immigration to alleviate population aging and labor shortages.
Current Situation: France has a large number of immigrants, including black people, Arabs, and a high proportion of mixed-race individuals. The number of Muslim believers is growing rapidly.
Potential Issues: With changes in the socio-economic environment, racial issues may intensify and affect social stability.

3. Welfare System and Social Pressure in France
Welfare System: France has a generous welfare system, which has increased the government's financial pressure and caused dissatisfaction among other EU countries.
Social Pressure: With the increasing number of immigrants and expanding welfare expenditures, French society is facing greater economic pressure.

4. Potential Impact of Political and Social Changes in France
Political Changes: The high vote percentage of the National Rally may lead to changes in the political landscape of France and affect domestic and foreign policies.
Social Changes: The pressure from racial issues and the welfare system may drive further social changes in France, including immigration policy and welfare system reforms.

5. Conclusion
France is currently facing challenges in politics, economy, society, and other aspects, requiring joint efforts from the government and all sectors of society to cope with them.

The core contradiction pointed out in this article is that people pay high taxes but don't get the expected returns. The money they pay is used in places that don't benefit the people, such as excessively helping politically correct disadvantaged groups and Ukraine.
Political parties don't care about the country, they only care about whether they can be elected.

Highlights of the First Day of WAIC | Geek Park#

The nearly 40-degree heat in Shanghai did not dampen people's enthusiasm for attending the conference. On July 4, the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and the Global Governance High-Level Meeting on Artificial Intelligence held in Shanghai were even more popular than last year.

The venue was briefly closed to the public in the morning, but after it officially opened, almost all the forums I attended were packed, and many audience members were standing to listen to the speeches.

"It's really crowded," said a staff member at the scene. According to Geek Park's understanding, the exposure of this conference in just one day has exceeded the total exposure of last year.

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